T-moise Story

28 janvier 2019 - 2279 vues



In the city of Gros Morne , Gonaives, Haiti , an unknow mother wrapped her newborn baby  boy in a plastic bag and dropped it in a pile of garbage, the infant was dissovered by a man named Charles.  When he heard a loud cry which sounded like a baby, he quickly moved closer to locate  the sound. As he gazed what looks like a moving bag, he gently opened the bag and later disoovered it was an infant. He found the baby naked, hungry, and covered with blood. The baby was found on a Wednesday afternoon.

The man was shocked; he quickly contacted the police department to explain what happens and discussed some other options to help this infant. He took the infant home to his wife, but they did not have the means to support the baby. Therefore, one of the members of Pastor Abraham S. Madet congregation contacted Pastor Abraham S. Madet about this matter. He received the baby with gladness at the orphanage for  nurturing and caring.


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